Sweet Basil All-Natural Frozen Foods
Every meal we prepare for you is made with the same simple idea – create deliciously inspired, easy-to-prepare, everyday dishes based on the modern Mediterranean diet that measure up to what you might create in your own kitchen. Whether it’s our generous 11.5 ounces, our all-natural ingredients or the flavorful fresh herbs and spices we add to our entrees, Sweet Basil delivers delicious food that fits your lifestyle.

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Moussaka Product

Vegetable Moussaka
Fall in love with our take on one of the best-known Greek dishes! We start with a layer of freshly roasted eggplant. Then add a layer of tomato-vegetable sauce infused with fresh herbs and a hint of allspice. Then we finish with a fluffy layer of béchamel sauce. Savory, satisfying and just 200 calories per serving!

Vegetable Pastitsio
Shake up your dinner rotation with this Greek comfort-food classic. Layers of pasta, a pumpkin-kale filling fragrant with feta cheese, herbs, and spices and a creamy béchamel come together in this luscious yet simple meal.

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