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 Sweet Basil's mission is really simple:  use all-natural, high-quality ingredients to create products filled with plenty of the vegetables and herbs included in the modern Mediterranean diet that taste homemade and can be prepared quickly and conveniently.  It's food that's frozen, not frozen food.  Because when it comes down to it, we just want to make it easy for you to enjoy good, wonderfully delicious, healthy food without any fuss.

The idea for Sweet Basil started in 2014.  I had just finished working for a start-up company and I knew I'd had enough of the corporate world.    I had always wanted to strike out on my own and I thought it was time.  And, whatever I did it had to include food.




I can't exactly say when I became obsessed with cooking, but I do know my cooking style was influenced by my grandmothers.  They rarely looked at a recipe and used the freshest ingredients around, even foraging for things like fresh greens in their backyards.  By watching them, I learned how to take a recipe and make it my own.

So, in my Vermont kitchen, I started concocting this and that, experimenting with the foods I knew, using the fresh vegetables and herbs I grew in my garden.  Anything I needed but didn’t grow myself I bought down the road at Dutton’s farm stand.  I turned those ingredients into dishes that were filled with Mediterranean flavors and approved by my family and a few very finicky friends.




The dishes I made were Greek-inspired because they were like those my mother made, froze and baked when there was no time to cook from scratch.  Nourishing, full of vegetables, savory herbs, and warming spices, they were the kind of dishes I wish I had in my freezer on hectic days.



I launched Sweet Basil with the Vegetable Moussaka and Vegetable Pastitsio I developed in my kitchen that are now selling in grocery stores and food co-ops throughout New England, and there are several more products in the works.  I make my all-natural products in a commercial kitchen in Hardwick, Vermont and my family and friends provide much-needed support.  My younger sister helps with sales development, my Dad handles finances, my Mom acts as communications director, my older sister provides legal advice and friends help in the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy my Greek-inspired products as much as I love making them for you!